Proper time and attendance management for efficient workforce planning

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Published: 16th July 2009
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A proper workforce planning schedule ensures that the organization has access to a workforce that has the desired skills and competencies needed for its future growth. This process involves planning for the future while keeping in mind the goal and objectives of that organization. A system managing the time pattern, attendance pattern and lave pattern enables the management to track and analyze real time data regarding the time schedules and the leave patterns of an individual, thus assisting in the planning process.

An efficient time and attendance system will provide accurate and precise data pertaining to the following areas:

  • Time accounting - time accounting refers to the calculation of the effective and non effective time of an employee according to the rules of the organization. The process of tracking the time and task of an employee is made easy by the use of advanced time systems that track the total time taken by an employee to complete a specific task.

  • Integration - a proper time system would enable an organization to integrate the data collection process of all the different locations in which that organization is working. This means that the management has a time and task list of various employees spread across different locations. This integration process greatly benefits the workforce planning process.

  • Scheduling - scheduling refers to assigning work to the right employees, with the right skills and competencies so that the work can be finished efficiently and within the stipulated time frame. Scheduling according to the organizations goals and objectives is very beneficial as it results in timely and efficient completion of the work.

  • Leave tracking - it is essential for an organization to keep a track on the leave pattern of employees so that in case there is any prevalent pattern, then it can be found out and action taken accordingly. If the organization is aware of the leave pattern, then scheduling of work becomes very easy and more efficient results are obtained.

  • Attendance tracking - workforce planning ensures that the right talent is available to the organization in the future. Therefore it is necessary to keep a track on the attendance pattern of an employee. Tracking infractions such as absenteeism, unplanned breaks, unscheduled working hours, etc becomes easy through the use of an efficient time and attendance system.

  • All the above listed points are essential components of a planning process for the organization, thus a proper time and attendance system would directly affect the planning process by improving the above areas and enabling the organization to achieve its goals and objectives.

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